Support your organisation's LGBTIQ+ talent

HiR focuses on working with LGBTIQ+ owned and community organisations of any size, however diverse, closer together, grow their leaders and build out teams.

HiR works with larger organisations, we provide targeted support for existing LGBTIQ+ rising and critical talent and help improve diversity through talent acquisition projects

HiR's founder and principal coach, James Wright
HiR's founder and principal coach, James Wright

"Imagine your whole team or organisation - all understanding their strengths and being informed and energised about the strengths of those around them. It’s powerful and is a proven way of getting bigger, better results, evolving strategy and increasing employee engagement, connection and well-being"

Founder & Principal Coach
James Wright


Elevate Program

Take your team to a higher place.

Ready to take your team's performance, engagement, and well-being to the next level?

Our Elevate Program is designed for LGBTIQ+ owned SMEs, not-for-profits and community organisations.

30% Uplift in Team Performance in 90 days - GUARANTEED.

Like all HiR's programs, it starts with a Strengths Profile assessment for all the program participants - this is typically the Leadership team, a specific Agile team, a department or a project-focused team.

Each Participant receives an insightful 60-minute debrief session diving into their personalised Strengths Profile Expert report with a fully accredited Strengths Practitioner (SP).

Here's what they'll discover:

  • Top 7 Realised Strengths

  • Top 7 Unrealised Strengths

  • 4 Learned Behaviors

  • 3 Areas for Growth

Our accredited SP practitioner will guide them through it all, providing actionable advice to help them unleash their full potential, primarily focusing on those unrealised strengths.

Each participant receives at least two 60-minute individual coaching sessions to fully understand and leverage what they learned during the debrief.

The Elevate Program also includes three team sessions to understand how everyone contributes to the whole and where the whole team has the potential to unlock collective unrealised strengths and work in more harmony. Understanding each other from a Strengths perspective will level up engagement, productivity, and well-being, as each person will deeply understand who each other is and what strength they bring to the team.

The post-program support includes accountability checks and ongoing email/WhatsApp support for 90 days.

$7995 for 3 people*

What's included

Individual Expert Profile Reports

Team Profile Report

60 mins Individual Debrief

2x 90 mins

Team Debriefs

Team Action Plan

2x 60 mins Individual Coaching Sessions for each Participant

90-Day Team Review

90-days email & WhatsApp Support

*Each additional participant charged at $995 up to 12 additional participants

Talent Development

At HiR we believe in a tailored employee experience and offer support for you and your LGBTIQ+ colleagues.

All of our Development Programs can be used to support LGBTIQ+ employees, and the content can be customised to ensure that it meets with your corporate training and development strategy.

As an alternative to a mainstream provider, we support Graduate and Apprenticeship Programs, rising and critical talent or can help with performance improvement interventions through an LGBTIQ+ lens.

If you are in the challenging position of making redundancies or downsizing and those decisions involve LGBTIQ+ team members our programs combine established content and lived experience to ensure this cohort is catered to effectively.


Are you an LGBTIQ+ business owner or leader looking to build out or replace talent?

We help with full-service recruitment or can act as a consultant to support specific stages of the process, leveraging the power of Strengths to drive your organisation forward.

Are you working within an organisation committed to a more diverse workforce?

But not getting the variety of applicants from your campaigns you'd like or carry through from your recruitment processes to hiring outcomes to achieve your diversity and inclusion goals?

We help on a project basis to ensure you are not missing out on the benefits of having LGBTIQ+ talent in your workplace.

Alternatively, keep it super simple; we operate a jobs board to promote your roles to our audience of LGBTIQ+ job seekers.

For just $99 (🇦🇺 ), you can submit your role, and we will keep it live until the role is filled, or you can let us know you'd like it deleted.

We send all submitted resumes directly to your inbox for consideration.

Strengths Profile for Teams

Coaching for Teams