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Personal Performance Program

Unlock Your Potential with HiR's Personal Performance Program

Are you ready to take your personal and professional growth to the next level?

Introducing HiR's Personal Performance Program – a tailored, cost-effective coaching solution designed to help you achieve your goals and thrive in every aspect of your life.

Program Details:

- Monthly Investment: $349

- What's Included:

- Two 30-Minute Video Sessions Per Month: Engage in bi-weekly, personalized coaching sessions to stay on track and continuously progress.

- 24/7 WhatsApp Support: Enjoy round-the-clock support with a guaranteed response within 18 hours (aiming for within 12), ensuring you have the guidance you need, whenever you need it.

- Weekly Group Coaching Call: Access a 60-minute video call each week with other members of the Personal Performance Program. Share specific challenges or goals and receive support from the group, with Principal Coach James facilitating. These sessions provide a safe space for gaining clarity, exploring alternative perspectives, and setting and committing to actions with added peer accountability. Group calls are scheduled alternate weeks at either 5pm Sydney time (8am London, 3am New York, Midnight Los Angeles) or 8am Sydney time (11pm London, 6pm New York, 3pm Los Angeles).

- On Demand Coaching: Additional 60-Minute 1:1 Sessions available on-demand at the discounted rate of $149 (Usually $229)

- Commitment Options:

- Minimum Commitment: 3 months

- 12-Month Package: $3490 upfront (save $698)

Kickoff Process:

- Online Strengths Profile Assessment: Begin your journey with a comprehensive strengths assessment to uncover your unique abilities and areas for growth.

- Personalized Report: Receive a detailed report highlighting your strengths and how to leverage them effectively.

- 90-Minute Initial Coaching Session: Dive deep into your strengths and goals with an in-depth session, setting the foundation for your personalized coaching plan.

- Ongoing Support: Your first 30-minute session follows two weeks after the initial session, with bi-weekly sessions thereafter to maintain momentum and achieve lasting results.

Why Choose HiR's Personal Performance Program?

- Expert Guidance: Benefit from James' extensive experience and credentials:

- 25 Years in Corporate roles and Entrepreneurial projects: Gain insights from James's diverse background, including his work as an ex-ASX 100 Sales Leader, experience alongside one of Australia's Sharks from Shark Tank and one of the UK's Dragon's from Dragon's Den and working in two of Australia's Best Places To Work.

- Public Speaking and NIDA Training: Leverage the communication and presentation skills James has honed through professional training and experience as an accomplished public speaker.

- Accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner: James is an expert in strengths-based coaching, helping you harness your unique strengths for maximum impact.

- Background in Positive Psychology: Experience a coaching approach grounded in positive psychology, focused on empowering you to thrive.

- Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion: James's work is deeply rooted in supporting the LGBTIQ+ community, ensuring a coaching environment that is inclusive and affirming.

Benefits of Group Coaching Sessions:

- Collective Wisdom: Tap into the diverse experiences and insights of group members, fostering a rich learning environment.

- Increased Accountability: Set and commit to actions in a group setting, enhancing your motivation and accountability.

- Supportive Network: Build connections with like-minded individuals who are on similar personal growth journeys, providing mutual support and encouragement.

- Perspective Shifts: Gain new perspectives and creative solutions through collaborative problem-solving and feedback from peers.

Transform your potential into performance with HiR's Personal Performance Program.

Invest in yourself today and start your journey towards a more successful and fulfilling future.

How it works?

  1. Purchase the program that suits your needs and budget, and choose a date and time for the first online session that works for you.

  2. Within 24 hours, your invite to the online assessment will be in your inbox.

  3. Log in and complete the assessment (ideally on a laptop or desktop in a place where you’re not going to be disturbed)

  4. You’ll get a copy of your report instantly on completion, and HiR will send you a reminder so you don’t miss the debrief video call with James, your Accredited Practioner.

  5. If your program involves more than one debrief & coaching session, you’ll work with James at the end of the first video call to plan the schedule for the rest of your program.

Unsure you want to commit to a full program?

Ad-hoc coaching sessions might be for you - this might be one-off support with a specific challenge, or you can utilise the support on-going.

If you have not already completed a Strengths Profile assessment with HiR you'll be invited to before the session and will receive a free summary report of your top strengths that will inform the conversation.

The post-session support includes accountability checks and ongoing email/WhatsApp support for 14 days on any areas we work on.