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Providing strengths-based development & coaching programs for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Helping LGBTIQ+ owned businesses and community organisations achieve more through talent development programs and recruitment projects.

Supporting organisations committed to a tailored employee experience to attract, retain and develop LGBTIQ+ talent.

Meet our Founder & Principal Coach,
James Wright

Portrait of HiR's founder and princpal coach James Wright
Portrait of HiR's founder and princpal coach James Wright

"I specialise in coaching individuals & teams to excel in their careers, relationships & personal lives. Together, I am confident that we can unlock your strengths so that you can reach your full potential"

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A Guide to Transforming Your Life with Positive Psychology and Strengths-Based Coaching

The Evolution of Positive Psychology: Discover the rich history and principles behind positive psychology and how it's revolutionizing personal growth.

Understanding Your Strengths: Engage in practical exercises designed to help you uncover your unique strengths and embrace your authentic self.

19 Tips for Living Powerfully: Learn practical strategies for leveraging your strengths to enhance performance, engagement, and well-being in all aspects of your life.

Partnering with HiR: Explore how our strengths-based coaching programs can support you on your journey of growth and empowerment, whether you're an individual, couple, team, or organization.

For better performance, results & happiness: Know yourself better.

A strength is something we perform well at, is energising, and we do often – in summary, it’s our authentic self at our best.

When we put our strengths to work, we are happier, more confident, and more able to achieve our goals. We feel motivated to do great work and become engaged and productive individuals, teams, and organisations.

When we don’t know our strengths, we waste valuable time on things that drain us.

Strengths Profile schematic
Strengths Profile schematic

Our story: Why HiR?

We started life as a generalist recruitment practice in 2021 and, in late 2023, decided to focus solely on the LBGTIQ+ community; at the same time, we've moved away from just recruiting and towards talent development services.

Hir is a gender-neutral pronoun used in place of them or their; we believe the workplace and recruitment processes should be blind to not just gender but race, background, sexuality, religion, disability or any other subjective identifier.

HiR also plays on the word 'hire', the practice of finding, evaluating, and establishing a working relationship with future employees, interns, contractors or consultants – our central focus is improving life in the workplace for the LGBTIQ+ community.

HiR Recruitment and Development Logo
HiR Recruitment and Development Logo