Live Your Best Lunch

Thrive at Work: 5 Quirky Tips for Maximizing Well-being in Your Workday and Enjoying Lunch - Are you ready to sprinkle some rainbow-coloured magic onto your workday routine?

2/9/20242 min read

person holding burger bun
person holding burger bun

Hey there, fabulous folks! Are you ready to sprinkle some rainbow-coloured magic onto your workday routine? As a performance coach dedicated to uplifting the vibrant LGBTIQ+ community, I'm here to share some quirky yet authoritative tips to help you soar through your workday with maximum well-being.

Working with a client recently I was introduced to the phrase "I'm living my best lunch" referring to the strategies employed to protect yourself from unnecessary stress and look after yourself during the workday. The client in question ensures that they carve out time for a proper lunch, away from the desk at home or office when they are there and enjoy, with intention, a nourishing meal, alone or with friends.

  1. Embrace the Pomodoro Technique: Let's kick things off with a classic but oh-so-effective strategy – the Pomodoro Technique. Picture this: you're diving into your tasks with the fervour of a drag queen at a lip-sync battle, but burnout lurks in the shadows. Fear not! Set a timer for 25 minutes, work your fabulousness off, then sashay away for a 5-minute break. Rinse and repeat. It's like giving your productivity a fierce makeover while keeping burnout at bay. Work it, hunty!

  2. Create a Queer Oasis: Your workspace should be as fabulous as you are! Whether you're slaying tasks from a cozy corner of your home or strutting your stuff in a corporate setting, infuse your space with rainbow flair. Think Pride flags, glittery desk accessories, or a playlist that screams "Yaaasss, productivity!" Surrounding yourself with queer-positive vibes can boost your mood and keep those creative juices flowing.

  3. Power-Up with Queer Affirmations: Honey, you're a force to be reckoned with, so why not remind yourself of that every day? Start your morning by channelling your inner Beyoncé and reciting empowering affirmations tailored to your fabulous self. "I am fierce, resilient, and slay at everything I do!" Repeat after me: "I am the CEO of my own success!" Trust me, a little self-love goes a long way in conquering your workday like the queen you are.

  4. Dance Breaks, Darling: Who says work can't be a party? Incorporate mini dance breaks into your schedule to shake off any stress and unleash your inner disco diva. Crank up your favourite tunes, strike a pose, and werk it like nobody's watching (even if your cat gives you a side-eye from the couch). Not only will you elevate your mood, but you'll also boost your energy levels and keep those creative juices flowing. So go ahead, bust a move – your to-do list can wait!

  5. Craft Your Queer Agenda: Time to take the reins and craft a workday agenda as fierce as your fiercest drag lewk. Grab your rainbow-coloured planner (or digital equivalent) and plan your day with intention. Prioritize your tasks like you're curating the lineup for the hottest queer cabaret in town. Remember, it's not just about being busy – it's about being purposeful. Set clear goals, schedule breaks for self-care, and don't forget to sprinkle in a healthy dose of glitter along the way.

So there you have it, my fabulous friends – five quirky yet authoritative tips to help you slay your workday like the fierce rainbow warrior you are. From embracing the Pomodoro Technique to infusing your workspace with queer positivity, remember that your well-being is always a priority.

Now go forth, conquer your goals, and shine bright like the LGBTQ+ star you were born to be! Werk it, hunty! 🌈💼✨