The Perfect Resume

Practical tips from James Wright, Uleash Your Rainbow Resume: 7 Tips to Land Your Dream Job: Ready to sprinkle some extra glitter on your resume and shine like the LGBTQ+ star you are?

2/9/20242 min read

pencil and sharpener on notebook page
pencil and sharpener on notebook page

Hey, fabulous job seekers! Ready to sprinkle some extra glitter on your resume and shine like the LGBTQ+ star you are? Let's dive into seven tips with recruiters snapping their fingers in approval and landing you that dream job faster than you can say, "Werk!"

1. Keep it Sleek, Keep it Queer: Your resume is your runway, so make sure it's serving looks! Stick to one font style, keep those highlights subtle, and avoid any graphics that might dim your sparkle. Remember, simplicity is key – you want your skills and experience to steal the spotlight, not your resume design.

2. Strike a Pose, Skip the Photo: While you're serving face on the daily, leave the headshots out of your resume. Recruiters are here for your professional prowess, not your Instagram selfies. Plus, including a photo can introduce unconscious bias into the mix – and honey, we're all about smashing stereotypes, not perpetuating them.

3. Content is Queen: Your resume should be a love letter to your fabulous self, so don't hold back! Customize it for each job application, highlighting the skills and experiences that make you shine brighter than a disco ball. And remember, quantifying your achievements adds extra sparkle recruiters can't resist.

4. References: Keep Them in Reserve: Hold onto those glittery references until they're requested. Providing them upfront can make your resume look scripted and inauthentic – and darling, authenticity is your superpower. Keep them up your sleeve and dazzle recruiters with your professional prowess first.

5. Dance Across Two Pages: Who says your resume has to fit on one page? Research suggests that two-page resumes are the new norm, giving you more space to showcase your fabulousness. So go ahead, spill the tea on that second page and let your experiences shine like never before.

6. Quantify Your Fabulosity: Recruiters love numbers, so don't be afraid to quantify your achievements. Let those digits do the talking, whether you're managing budgets, leading teams, or slaying sales targets. After all, numbers never lie – and neither do you, hunty!

7. Be True to You: Ultimately, your resume reflects your fabulous self, so make sure it's authentic. Whether it's two pages or one, whether it's packed with glitter or kept sleek and chic, let your personality shine through. After all, the right employer will see your sparkle and know you're the perfect fit.

Did you know that breaking the one-page resume tradition could actually boost your chances of landing your dream job?

Research suggests employers prefer two-page resumes, allowing candidates to showcase their full potential without constraints. With experts noting that today's graduates have more to offer than ever before, embracing a two-page format gives you the space to shine.

If you have 15+ years experience and are going for senior roles you may even let it stretch to three pages - give it to someone your trust to proof-read and don't be afraid of white space it makes reading by humans and robots easier.

You can create a standout resume that catches recruiters' attention by providing specific examples and quantifiable achievements. So, whether you're a seasoned professional or starting, don't shy away from the extra page – it could be the key to unlocking new opportunities in your career journey.

So there you have it, my fierce job seekers – seven tips to unleash your rainbow resume and land your dream job. Remember, you're not just applying for a position – you're bringing your whole fabulous self to the table. Now go forth and conquer the job market – the world is waiting for your unique brand of magic! 🌈💼✨