Your BIG Promise

What's the biggest promise that you've ever made? At HiR we want to make you an extraordinary promise to back our confidence that you will achieve extraordinary results


2/28/20244 min read

100% Money Back Guarantee100% Money Back Guarantee
Principal coach and founder, James Wright
Principal coach and founder, James Wright

“I guarantee you’ll see the change you want before the end of your program, or I will give you your money back.”

James Wright
Founder & Principal Coach

What’s the biggest promise you’ll ever make?

When you get married or decide to commit to someone ‘permanently’?

You might reflect and acknowledge that the biggest promise you’ve made so far in life was in the school playground to your BFF?

What about professional promises?

Back in 2007, I joined one of Australia’s ‘best places to work’, RedBalloon, and rather than having KPIs or OKRs as our performance measure, we made Promises to the business and each other, and we measured against how well we delivered on our promises and rewarded accordingly.

It was a powerful language to use in the workplace, impacting my effort and resulting performance and, most interestingly, as I reflect on my expectations of others, as they had made promises too.

One of the secrets of RedBalloon’s success as a highly engaged workplace and a super-high growth business was no doubt how we created and sustained relationships with employees and, in turn, customers.

Making a promise or guarantee typically involves committing to a certain action or outcome. When you promise or guarantee something, you assure someone that you will do what you say or that a certain event will occur as expected.

It's a pledge of trust and reliability, implying that you'll fulfil your commitment regardless of obstacles or challenges. Breaking a promise or guarantee results in disappointment, loss of trust, and damaged relationships. Therefore, it's important only to make promises or guarantees that you are confident you can keep, and when you realise you can’t reset expectations, adjust accordingly.

Making promises or guarantees means being in integrity. It’s not by chance that one of RedBalloon’s five values was Integrity.

Integrity, said author C.S. Lewis, “is doing the right thing, even when no one is looking.”


Integrity is the cornerstone of being a decent person. It's all about knowing what's right, sticking to it, and living by it. That means being honest, fair, and just plain decent in everything you do. Someone with integrity walks the talk, steering clear of shady dealings and double standards.

You can spot integrity when folks do the right thing, no matter what, even when it's tough. It takes guts to stick to your principles, but that's where integrity absolutely shines. It's what links doing the right thing with actually doing it.

In a coaching relationship, promises and integrity are crucial in building trust and credibility between the coach and the coaches.

1. Promises: A coach often promises their coachee the support, guidance, and resources they will provide throughout the coaching process. These promises can include commitments to confidentiality, availability, and the implementation of tailored strategies to help the coachee achieve their goals. Fulfilling these promises demonstrates the coach's reliability and dedication to the coachee's progress.

2. Integrity: Integrity is fundamental in coaching as it influences the coach's ethical conduct and interactions with the coachee. A coach with integrity operates with honesty, transparency, and authenticity, aligning their actions with their values and principles. This integrity fosters an environment of openness and trust, allowing the coachee to feel comfortable sharing their challenges, aspirations, and vulnerabilities. Additionally, a coach's integrity influences their ability to uphold ethical standards, respect boundaries, and maintain confidentiality, which are essential aspects of the coaching relationship.

Promises and integrity build a successful coaching relationship by establishing trust, credibility, and a supportive environment conducive to the coachee's growth and development.

This is especially pertinent as part of the Elevate Program designed for teams; after completing a Strengths Profile assessment and debrief, the team experiences an immediate surge in morale and performance, fueled by newfound energy and focus stemming from the knowledge of their strengths and potential.

Understanding individual strengths leads to deeper insights into oneself, paving the way for personal growth opportunities supported by tailored exercises and practices to enhance untapped strengths.

Moreover, comprehending the unique strengths of each team member provides a fresh perspective on team culture and dynamics. It enables the team to identify focal points and assign responsibilities strategically, maximising the likelihood of achieving optimal results.

These insights into the team's strengths also lay the groundwork for crafting a detailed action plan aligned with the team's work and goals, fostering opportunities for collective growth and success.

As part of this process, I work with the team to create meaningful and binding promises to each other and the whole team to drive collaboration and commitment further and increase productivity.

Coaching is instrumental in helping someone make big promises to themselves by providing support, guidance, and accountability throughout the process.

Here's how coaching can assist:

1. Getting Clear on What You Want: A coach helps you determine what you want and why it matters. They'll chat with you to dig deep and understand your goals better.

2. Breaking Down Roadblocks: Making big promises can be scary, but a coach is your personal cheerleader, helping you tackle doubts and fears. They'll give you tips and tricks to overcome obstacles and boost your confidence.

3. Making a Plan: With your coach, you'll devise a game plan to turn your promises into actions. They'll help you break things down into smaller steps, set deadlines, and determine what you need to make it happen.

4. Staying on Track: Your coach will be there to keep you on track and hold you accountable. They'll check in regularly, celebrate your wins, and give you a nudge when needed.

5. Bouncing Back: Making big promises means facing challenges, but your coach will help you bounce back stronger. They'll help you see setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow so you can keep moving forward.

With a coach by your side, you'll feel more confident and motivated to make those big promises to yourself a reality - check out HiR's individual programs here!

With all that on the table, I don’t have any other choice but to promise all my clients a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or their money back.