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"As soon as I saw my strength's profile I was nodding at the insights it delivered - things I always knew about myself but didn't have the language to talk about.

Then what really created a light-bulb moment for me was meeting with James to debrief to understand how I could turn these strengths into real next steps to consider what I really wanted to do with my future!"

Kaine, Marketing Leader,

New York, 🇺🇸

Kaine's Story
After leaving behind a tenured and distinguished career at a Fortune 100 company, and juggling the tension of starting their own marketing business or heading back into the job search, Kaine met with James at HiR to understand their strengths and the opportunities they presented more comprehensively - after their initial consultation Kaine felt much more confident in the direction they were taking and the next steps they needed to take to take control of their future

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Victor Supercharge Program Client Headshot Smiling
Victor Supercharge Program Client Headshot Smiling
Thanks to James's guidance and support, I landed my dream job in less than four weeks!
I highly recommend James as a career coach to anyone seeking guidance and support in their job search journey. Following a layoff, I experienced over 12 months of challenges in the job market, and I was fortunate to connect with James through the LGBTQ+ Professional Network group on LinkedIn.

James deeply understood my situation from our initial conversation and provided invaluable insights. Together, we decided that the Supercharge program was the best fit for me, and it turned out to be a game-changer.

James's expertise and encouragement played a crucial role in rebuilding my confidence after facing numerous rejections. He meticulously upgraded my resume and LinkedIn profile, highlighting my strengths and achievements in a way that truly resonated with potential employers.

It felt like a dream come true, and I am immensely grateful to James for his dedication and expertise. Thank you, James, for helping me navigate a challenging time, believing in me, and empowering me to succeed.

I look forward to continuing our collaboration and achieving even greater milestones together.

Victor, Customer Success
Toronto, 🇨🇦

Victor's Story
There were two parts to working with Victor.

Firstly, the practical support, changes to his resume and LinkedIn to ensure that the best story was being told about his professional life and positioned him in the best possible light for the jobs he was applying for. Additionally, HiR provided interview preparation support through coaching, homework exercises, learning materials and real-time on-the-day help via WhatsApp.

The second part of the work was on strategy and mindset.

Using deep coaching conversations and supported by between-session homework, Victor redefined his job search strategy, focused on the opportunities that mattered to him, and proactively opened up relationships with potential future employers.

Victor's biggest shift was definitely the clarity he now has for his career and professional value and the shift from the mindset "I'm trying so hard and getting nowhere" to "this is all going perfectly."

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Hannah, Owner Han Made Arts
Hannah, Owner Han Made Arts

"James is such a kind and supportive coach. It was really useful to connect with him and get his perspective on my strengths profile. I’ve had invaluable bespoke direction, tasks and experiments to conduct. I learned so much from these and he helped me to reflect and build on the outcomes. James’ advice and expertise have been the motivational and practical help I was looking for when I signed up with HiR. Thanks to James the key to developing my business and my self have been unlocked! James is very knowledgeable, reliable, and hardworking. I would definitely recommend working with him. You won’t regret it!"

Hannah, Owner
Han Made Arts
Chertsey, 🇬🇧

Hannah's Story
Hannah chose to sign up for the Ultimate Transformation having been out of the workforce for a number of years, returning to work as a Mum and determined to turn her passion, Art, into a business that meant she didn’t have to get a job working for someone else. During the 12-week program Hannah worked through specific personal challenges with the help of her Strengths Profile insights as well as achieving a number of practical outcomes for her growing business around brand, pricing and marketing activities.

Han Made Arts LogoHan Made Arts Logo
Dave one of HiR's clients shares his experience
Dave one of HiR's clients shares his experience
”I spent time working with James to really understand what seen and unseen strengths I have and to realise how I could really utilise all of my strengths to help supercharge not just my career but my life in general. James was a brilliant guide who helped me tune into the positive with simple, clear steps and actions so that I could take ownership of my goals.
Was it uncomfortable at times for me? Yes.
Did I feel supported the whole way through the process? Yes. Can I utilise more of my strengths in a better way? 100% yes. James' approach really works with a focus on positivity and ensuring that I got the maximum benefit from the program.”

Dave, Supply Chain
Newbury, 🇬🇧

Dave's Story
The real Dave had been hiding away for a long time. Having had the courage to come out in the workplace before meeting with HiR, Dave was aware that he had more to offer and more to do in the world—he couldn’t quite articulate what that looked like and was unsure of the first action steps.

The Strengths Profile assessment and Expert report explained where there was untapped potential, in this case, the unseen parts of the person. Over three intense coaching sessions and some challenging homework, Dave could identify the areas of life where he wanted to see change, strategise about what that change meant, and then take action with his Coach's support.

Rafi, Software Engineer from Melbourne, Australia
Rafi, Software Engineer from Melbourne, Australia
HiR's principal coach, James with Rafi, one of HiR's customers
HiR's principal coach, James with Rafi, one of HiR's customers
”I would strongly recommend James to anyone trying to advance their career. James has been a huge help in refining my CV and offering excellent interview advice. He is a great listener and motivator who is always eager to go above and beyond to ensure his customers' success”
Rafi's Story
Rafi was moving from Indonesia to Australia and needed a confidence boost to leverage his experience and develop a laser-focused job search strategy followed by support before interviews, working with James and our Supercharge Your Career Program he quickly secured a role as a Software Engineer in Melbourne on a working holiday visa, and within six months, his new employer offered him sponsorship. He is now well on his way to the life he dreamed of in Melbourne.

Rafi, Software Engineer
Melbourne 🇦🇺

James, a customer of HiR
James, a customer of HiR

Steven, Learning & Development Consultant and LGBTQI+ Advocate
Florida 🇺🇸

"I strongly recommend James to those looking to hone in on their strengths in their career and prospective job opportunities. I worked with him to complete a Strengths Profile assessment and met with him regularly after that to discuss how my strengths, learned behaviours, and weaknesses can help me shape my personal life and career. My goal in working with James was to better bring to the surface unrealised strengths to reframe my mindset.

James tied our coaching conversations back to the Strengths Profile during our time together. He even used it to review my resume, challenging me to connect those strengths as a throughline from my resume to networking and potential interviews. The experience greatly benefitted me in re-evaluating what brings me joy and passion in my career."

Steven's Story
Steven was at a crossroads and considering various next steps for his career as a Learning & Development professional, his experience spanning both the public and private sectors.

Armed with his Strengths Profile report and the insights that followed through our Supercharge Your Careeer Program, Steven identified opportunities for internal networking with more clarity around his personal brand. The work also assisted with determining a strategy for strengthening his wider professional network and positioning for future opportunities and immediate job search activity.

Steven is an active LGBT advocate both at work and in the wider community, and it's a pleasure to share a video he made for Pride 2023.

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